Drug Plane Carrying Cocaine Worth $4.8 Million Found On Fire On Highway In Mexico

A plane in Mexico that was suspected of carrying cocaine worth over $4.8 million USD was found on fire on a highway.

The plane was reportedly found on a highway in Quintana Roo after it was intercepted by soldiers.

According to the Ministry of National Defense, Mexico, the plane was carrying and transporting packages to a certain location that were containing drugs with characteristics typical of cocaine.

The aircraft was first detected in the airspace of Mexico by the CASS (Comprehensive Air Surveillance System) as it traveled to the country from South America.

Ground reaction forces and the Mexican Air Force were deployed to take a look at the plane.

According to BBC, the plane was followed by military jets after it was detected by the Comprehensive Air Surveillance System following an entrance in the country.

The plane then landed on the highway and soon after it was discovered, the plane was already on fire.

Officials then found a truck carrying 390 kilograms of a white substance that they believe is cocaine.

It is believed that the cocaine in the truck was transported from the aircraft.

In a statement that was released to the public, authorities said:

It was identified that the illicit aircraft landed to the Northwest of Polyuc, municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q. Roo, and upon arrival of military personnel on the ground, it was observed that the plane was already on fire. Likewise, the heli-transported reaction force located southeast of José María Morelos, Q. Roo, a truck that contained 13 packages of 30 kilograms each, giving a total of approximately 390 kilograms of a white substance similar to cocaine, that it is presumed to have come from the illicit aircraft; the official weight and substance will be determined by the competent authorities. The insured drug has an estimated market price of MX $109,115,250.00 […] thereby significantly affecting criminal organizations. These activities are the result of the intense work carried out by the personnel of this Armed Institute, as well as their loyalty, willingness and commitment, always in the interest of fulfilling the assigned missions. The Ministry of National Defense reaffirms its commitment to safeguard and safeguard the well-being of citizens, working with determination to provide security for the people of Mexico.

Alberto Capella, Chief Police of Quintana Roo, shared images and videos of the airplane on fire on Twitter.

He then tweeted about the plane and said:

The registration of the aircraft is apparently XB-RCM and could be related to illegal activities. Federal authorities attending to the investigation.

No arrest reports were released to the public.

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