Beachgoer Finds 35 Kilograms Of Cocaine Worth Over $1 Million On Florida Beach

US Border Patrol agents seized over $1 million worth of cocaine last week after it managed to wash up on a beach in Florida.

It is reported that a beachgoer managed to find 35 kilograms of cocaine while walking on the beach.

30 packages were discovered last Monday by a person on the beach in Hollywood, Florida, just south of Fort Lauderdale.

According to a statement from US Border Patrol Miami Sector, the beachgoer contacted the Hollywood Police Department.

The statement then said that the packages were filled with cocaine. They were turned over to the agents from Border Patrol.

The statement from the US Border Patrol Miami Sector said:

The 30 packages of cocaine weighed approximately 78 pounds with an estimated street value of over one million dollars.

This is not the first time something like this has come forward in recent times.

Over the course of July and August, the Miami Sector Border Patrol has recently responded to “multiple reports of narcotic wash-ups” on the Florida coast.

Over 210 pounds of cocaine have been seized by the Border Patrol Miami Sector in just 2 months.

John Modlin, the Chief Patrol Agent of US Border Patrol Miami Sector John Modlin, said that the rise in drugs washing ashore indicates that there are a lot of smugglers that are working along the coast of Florida.

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