14 Elephants Broke Into Corn Farm And Got Drunk On Corn Wine

As the world is panicking about the coronavirus pandemic, we need some good news so we can get through all the negativity.

Around the world, 245,859 have been infected by the virus, and over 10,045 people have died from the virus.

As a result, a group of some 14 elephants who live in China’s Yunan Province did not give a single care about the virus and took advantage of not having people around them.

Used to being fed by humans, the elephants broke into a corn store in a village and ended up drinking 30 kilograms of fine corn wine.

After chugging the wine, the 14 elephants went and decided to take some sleep in a nearby garden.

The alcohol strength of the corn wine that they drank is not known, but according to experts, elephants get drunk with an alcohol content that is anywhere around 0.05 grams to 100 ml.

This means that a 3-ton elephant will need to consume around 10 liters of alcohol to become drunk.

Parveen Kaswan, a conservationist, pointed out that elephants love to drink and eat fruits with alcohol with them.

In a statement that he released on Twitter, Kaswan said, “Some are surprised on knowing that elephants like alcohol. They like it a lot. Even Mahua fruits & ripened pineapple, jackfruit.”

He added, “They dig the locations where tribals [sic] store that country-made liquor. [As] this is the time of Hadiya, in tribal belts you will see many selling them.”

Elephants are extremely rare in China these days, and the reason behind this fact is because the country poaches and hunts down the elephants.

It is believed that there are only 250 wild elephants in entire China.

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