16-Year-Old Boy Runs Inside Burning House To Save Pet Dog

16-year-old Mike Assi from Pheonix, Arizona, is being hailed as a hero after he ran inside his burning house to save his pet dog.

Mike just boarded his school bus when he saw smoke coming out from their house, and without any hesitation, Mike shouted and told the bus driver to stop the bus.

After the bus driver stopped the bus, Mike ran towards his house while shouting his dog’s name.

Zach, the dog of Mike, was still inside his house when he saw smoke coming out of his house.

Luckily, the mother and the sister of Mike got out safely, but his dog Zach was trapped inside as there was a lot of smoke coming out.

Mike then went used the back door of their house so he could get inside the house.

Mike shouted “Zach” while smoke was coming from their house, and luckily, Zach came out running towards him.

It is reported that Zach, the dog, ran towards Mike looking like he was confused and scared.

Firefighters rushed to the house of Mike and tried to put out the fire.

No wan was injured in the incident, but the house of Mike’s family got severely damaged.

Aaron Ernsberger, the Captain of the Phoenix Fire Department, was impressed with what Mike did and his decision to not going inside the house while heavy smoke was coming out.

Captain Ernsberger said that inhaling smoke can get people unconscious.

Mike said his family has a special bond with Zach, a pit-bull dog. He added, Zach sleeps with their family every night and is always there to cheer anyone who is feeling down.

Well done Mike! Such a brave little soul.

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