Baby Dolphin Euthanized After It Got Stranded On A Beach In Majorca

A poor baby dolphin had to be euthanized by doctors after it got stranded on a beach in Majorca, an island in Spain.

Local authorities called Debora Morrison, the British director of the Palma Aquarium Marine Fauna Rescue Centre, to help rescue a baby dolphin that was stranded on a beach in the municipality of Puerto de Alcudia in the Spanish Balearic island of Majorca.

The baby was a striped dolphin, which is also known as the Stenella Coerulleoalba.

Debora said:

I was pulled out of bed at six in the morning. These animals live in the deep ocean and they very rarely come close to the coast. It was stranded, alone, and that was a very bad sign.

According to the director of the aquarium, local authorities tried to pull the baby dolphin back into the sea level a couple of times.

During an interview with the local news agencies, Debora explained why they had to euthanize the poor animal.

She said:

The animal was suffering from stranding syndrome, its heart was beating fast, it was shaking, and when they [local authorities] tried to take it into the sea it just got stranded again. We had to put it out of its suffering and we gave it euthanasia. We were not leaving it to die suffering on the beach.

The Palma Aquarium is currently waiting for the results of the forensic examination so they could know what caused the dolphin to get the syndrome.

Talking about the possibility of how the animal got trapped at the beach, Debora said that they had 2 days of bad weather before the animal was found.

Debora added:

Every time that we have a storm the sea throws up animals, dead or alive. I think it might be related.

Sometimes, euthanizing a poor animal that is suffering is the right thing to do.

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