Can You Find What These Wildlife Photographers Are Staring At?

A viral image on social media right now is showing wildlife photographers staring at something, and it is baffling the minds of many people.

In the picture, the group can be seen gathered around one of the world’s most venomous snakes, but the problem is, no one can find it.

The hump-nosed pit viper is a tiny but deadly snake that is native to Southern India and Sri Lanka.

How dangerous is the snake? Well, it can kill you and if you get bitten by it, you’re doomed because an anti-venom for it is still being developed.

Until recently, the animal was not considered as dangerous, but new evidence suggests that its venom can quickly lead to renal failure and death due to anticoagulation of the blood.

You can see the unnerving creature high lightened in close-ups at the bottom of the page.

The images of the viper were captured by Yatindra Salian, a wildlife photographer, during a trip to the Dandeli region near Goa, India, last year.

While sharing the images, Salian said, “On the second day, when we were photographing birds, I saw a group of photographers trying to picture something on the forest floor.”

Salian added, “I grabbed my gear and ran over to the place and as it turns out there was a snake.”

Salian continued, “It was so beautifully camouflaged on the forest floor that it took me around two minutes to spot it. As you can see from the series of my pictures the degree of their camouflage is remarkable.”

The viper snake uses its camouflage to hunt by hiding themselves and then wiggling their tails so they can lure their prey to them.

Viper snakes love to feed on skinks, small rodents, reptile eggs, frogs, and geckos.

Talking about the image, Salian said, “We had ample opportunities to document this species and I was really excited to photograph the snake.”

He added, “[One of the naturalists] soon gently lured the snake on to a broken branch of a tree and released it in the forest at some distance. It was a memorable experience to photograph the hump nosed pit viper.”

Did you find the snake without the help of this article? Tell us if you found the snake or not!

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