Elephant Stuck In 20-Foot Deep Well In India Rescued With Big Crane  

It took a number of villagers and a rescue crane to take out a trapped elephant that fell into a 20-foot deep well.

In a report that was published by SWNS, the elephant fell into a 20-foot well in Jalpaiguri City, in West Bengal, India.

The villagers and the army officials saw the elephant trapped in the well.

The well is located near a Panagar army camp in Jalpaiguri.

The army officials at the Panagar Army Camp formed a rescue team and brought in a crane to free the helpless animal.

The rescuers and the army officials used a crane to slowly hoist the huge animal out of the hole and onto a truck.

According to the New York Post, the Burdwan Forest Department sent out a team and the crane for the trapped animal.

After the rescuers brought the elephant out, the animal was released into the wild.

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