Heartless driver leaves bloodied trail on the road after dragging dog throughout the city

A driver in Kazakhstan was caught on camera dragging a dog throughout the city, which left a bloodied  trail on the roads.

The entire thing being caught on camera has led a complete outrage on social media and animal rights groups are currently trying to get the man punished for doing such horrible act.

The driver that we are talking about was caught on camera driving the vehicle throughout the Atyrau City while the dog was being dragged in the back.

This entire thing left a bloodied trail on the road.

According to reports, the incident happened earlier this month on January 7.

A local that was behind the vehicle saw the dog tied to the back of the car and decided to report the incident to the police so the dog could be saved.

The local who saw the incident said that the dog was lying on the ground motionlessly.

Blood trails were left on the scene and the dog was reportedly motionless when they were being dragged throughout the city.

Motorists that saw the incident honked at the driver and forced him to stop the vehicle so the dog could be rescued.

A motorist reported the incident to Kind Hearts, an animal rights group, who then called the authorities.

The police got the plate number of the car and traced the driver.

The man was stopped by locals and when he was asked why he was dragging the dog, he did not reply.

A volunteer said:

The man did not reply. He just took the dog, threw it in into his boot then drove off. The whole road was covered in blood.

The animal was given some painkillers and the wounds were carefully treated after animal rights groups intervened.

The front leg of the dog was the one that sustained the most injuries.

The heartless man claimed that they were moving the dog at the request of a friend.

The man, who was not named said that the dog just fell out and did not realize what was happening.

The man was not arrested by the police for doing such horrible act.

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