Hilarious Video And Images Show Big-Bellied Sphynx Cat Sitting Like A Human

A big-bellied Sphynx cat was caught sitting like a human in the most recent hilariously relatable video that was taken by his owner.

Amsterdam, the Sphynx, was seen with his bi belly sitting like a human after the holiday season.

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Jana Martinka, the owner of Amsterdam, filmed her bald 6-year-old cat sitting like a human, who is now being considered as the spirit animal of people coming out of the holidays.

With Christmas being over and most of us having an extra couple of pounds in our belly, we can surely say, this cat is all of us right now.

Jana filmed the big-bellied cat inside her house in Vienna, Australia, when the Sphynx sat up like a human who is procrastinating about its weight.

Hilarious images of the Sphynx cat show the big bald belly rolling out like a 40-year-old uncle’s belly after the holiday season.

Jana, the owner of the Sphynx cat, found the pictures very funny.

She said, “I thought it was very funny but also very special for me to see them like this.”

She added, “The reason why he was sitting like this is because there is an infrared heater on the wall and the cats love to sleep there.”

Other hilarious images show Amsterdam looking cozy in a furry grey jumper with bunny ears.

Amsterdam is all of us right now.

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