Cat Left Looking Like Pikachu After Failed Turmeric Treatment

A cat owner that applied a treatment to her beloved pet cat in order to get rid of a fungal infection accidentally ended up leaving her cat yellow.

Pikachu, is that you?

We know how turmeric sticks to our skin after touching it, but it looked like one woman from Thailand did not know about that.

Thammapa Supamas, a cat owner from Thailand, applied some extract of the turmeric to her cat when it developed an infection.

อัปเดตเชื้อราแมวคาพ้วงค่ะโดยรวมโอเคขึ้นค่ะ ขนขึ้นคลุมไม่ค่อยเลียบริเวณ​ที่ป้ายขมิ้นเเล้วและพ้วงเริ่มจางลงเเล้วค่ะตอนนี้ไม่ทราบว่าพ้วงจะหายเหลืองตอนไหนขอบคุณ​พี่ๆที่เอ็นดูคาพ้วงและเป็นห่วงคาพ้วงนะคะ

Posted by ตุ้มเม้งแมวแพนด้า&คาพ้วงแมวเชื้อรา on Sunday, 23 August 2020

Instead of just covering a small area of the infection, the cat owner coated the whole cat, which left it in a bright yellow color.

The cat ended up looking like Pikachu.

The most hilarious thing about this is that the owner of the cat recorded the entire incident and shared the hilarious images on Facebook.

People that saw the post said that the cat looks like the real-life Pikachu.

พี่ๆจ๋า แวะอ่านนิดนึงค่ะตอนนี้เกิดกระแส…

Posted by ตุ้มเม้งแมวแพนด้า&คาพ้วงแมวเชื้อรา on Monday, 24 August 2020

The cat had the original color of white, but due to the yellowish color turmeric releases, the cat became yellow too!

Thammapa Supamas shared the images on her official Facebook account and applied some filters to make the cat look exactly like Pikachu.

Another thing that you should know is that turmeric is not harmful and goes away after a number of soap baths.

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