Woman Finds Jesus Christ’s Image On Brussel Sprout She Bought For Dinner

A 34-year-old woman was preparing some food when she realized that she had found the image of Jesus Christ on a Brussel sprout that she had bought.

Shaunagh Roberts, who is 34, said she was just about to cut the bottom of the sprout when she spotted Jesus.

Imagine cutting something just to slice it in half and find a face.

That’s not it tho.

The woman, who is from Waltham Abbey, Essex, said that she did not have the heart to cook the Brussel sprout because of the image that it had.

Talking about the incident, she said:

I was taking out the sprouts, topping and tailing them, and putting a cross on the bottom. When I saw the face I remember thinking ‘oh my god, it could be Jesus’ what with it being so close to Christmas. I didn’t have the heart to cook him so I left the sprout in a corner cupboard and he just sat up there for a little while. After he stopped looking like Jesus he got put in the green recycling bin. I thought it was funny and it was even funnier because I found him just before Christmas. When I saw the face I shouted to the kids, ‘look, I don’t know if it’s Johnny Depp or Jesus’. I said to my friends, ‘I wished for Johnny Depp for Christmas and I got him at the bottom of a sprout. I’m not particularly religious, I’d describe myself as very open, I enjoy exploring all elements of people’s religions and beliefs so I’d probably describe myself as spiritual. When I spotted this particular sprout I thought it was funny, it just made me laugh.

The images of the food were shared on social media after she found the face of Jesus.


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