Brit Spends $400 To Know Why Dog Was Limping Just To Find Out Pet Was Imitating Him

A man from England ended up spending $400 to know why their pet dog was limping out just to find out that their dog was imitating them.

The man said he ended up spending $400 to have a veterinarian examine the limp of his dog because he was afraid that it might be something serious.

However, that was not the case.

Russell Jones, who is from London, ended up knowing that the dog was just imitating him, who had a broken ankle.

Russell Jones said that he noticed his dog walking with a limp after he broke his ankle.

Billy, his dog, was keeping one of his front paws raised while they were walking.

He also shared a video of him and the dog walking together and in the video, you can see the dog hopping as the walk together.

Jones spent around $400 to have a veterinarian examine his dog and take X-rays, just to find out that there was nothing wrong.

The vet told Jones that his dog was just imitating the way he walks since he got the injury.

Jones said that Billy started to limp one day after he got his ankle injury.

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