Christian school expels 8-year-old girl for saying she had crush on another girl

A Christian school in Oklahoma, USA, ended up expelling an 8-year-old girl for saying that she had crush on another girl.

Chloe Shelton, a grade 2 student, is a pupil at the Rejoice Christian School in Owasso, Oklahoma, and she was removed from the premises of her school permanently for telling another girl in school that she had a crush on her.

The school told Delanie Shelton, the mother of Chloe, that boyfriend or girlfriend relationships are not allowed on the campus.

However, that’s not really the cause.

The handbook of the school does not state that this would be grounds for expulsion.

Chloe was removed from the playground with immediate effect and had to spend a number of hours in the office of the principal.

Delanie was called to the school to pick up Chloe and she was taken home on the same day.

Administrators told her to not come back.

1 day after the incident, the school contacted the mother to inform her that the school will be ending their relationship with her family.

Chloe and her 5-yearold brother were both removed from the school.

When she asked for an explanation, the superintendent said that their beliefs did not align with the school’s.

Delanie told CNN:

I was so blindsided. I was angry, hurt, betrayed, sad… so many different emotions. I just couldn’t believe it. I asked him to have a sit down meeting to discuss it and process it better and he refused, saying that ‘nothing more needed to be discussed.

Superintendent Joel Pepin declined to make a public comment.

Superintendent Joel Pepin said they avoid doing such things due to privacy.

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