Hungry 3-Year-Old Boy Uses Mother’s Phone To Order Food From McDonald’s Worth $400

A hungry 3-year-old boy ended up using his mother’s smartphone to order food worth $400 and the world is just laughing.

The boy from Brazil got hungry and ended up using his mother’s mobile to order food from McDonald’s.

Well, I would do too.

The boy ordered food worth $400 Mexican dollars.

Raissa Andrade, the mother, discovered the incident and was left in tears of joy after discovering the hilarious incident.

The mother said she was in the shower when the hungry kid used voice requests to order a huge amount of food.

The best thing about this is that the food was not wasted.

Andrade distributed it amongst her family and neighbors.

Andrade took the incident on Instagram.

The images that she shared showed burgers, French fries, milkshakes, juices, and even two extra packs of ketchup.

She ended up writing how the situation made her laugh for 2 straight hours.

During an interview with Globo News, the woman said that she ended up laughing for 2 straight hours and there was nothing else she could do.

After being shared 1 day ago, the post got over 100,000 likes.

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