Furious McDonald’s Customer Calls Police After Missing 11AM Breakfast Cut Off

A woman from the United Kingdom ended up calling the authorities after she missed out the 11am breakfast cut off.

Yep, she did that.

After failing to make the 11am cut off because of traffic, the woman got angry and called the police because it was “unfair”.

The authorities shared the news on social media and people were left joking.

Darren Taylor, a Mid Sussex Neighborhood Policing Inspector, released a statement about the incident, saying:

A call @11.30 this morning from an angry lady who stated that due to the queue at the McDonalds drive thru in EG, by the time she got to the window the breakfast service had stopped and she couldn’t order a breakfast. The lady was given words of advice about ringing the Police.

Here are some hilarious tweets that were left at the Tweet Inspector Taylor made:

During an interview with The Sun, a news agency, Inspector Taylor said:

This, of course, upset her and she wanted us to speak to McDonald’s about the situation as she felt it was unfair. We kindly informed her this was an incident which she should take up with McDonald’s and was not a police matter and that we would not be investigating her complaint.

Would you ever call the police if you missed out your favorite meal? Let us know what you would do if you were in the shoes of this woman by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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