Pigeon Gets Confused And Ends Up Guarding Box Of Cadbury Chocolate Eggs At Tesco

A mother pigeon that managed to sneak inside a Tesco in North London ended up guarding a box of Cadbury chocolate eggs at Tesco.

The bird was caught on camera guarding a box of Cadbury chocolate eggs at a Tesco branch in Enfield, North London.

Kim Blackman, a stunned shopper, was the one that caught the entire thing on camera.

Kim, 35, went to the shop on January 14, 2021, when she saw the animal guarding the eggs.

The female pigeon was seen tucked away on the bottom shelf of the display.

The feet of the pigeon are on the box of caramel eggs and her feathers were puffed out in order to guard the eggs.

The video was shared on TikTok, where it went viral right away.

It was shared with the caption: “Female pigeon sneaks into Tesco to protect the chocolate eggs.”

The video currently has over 180,000 views.

Talking about the incident, Kim, who runs a business in the area, said:

The security said the pigeons are locals. The security guard keeps an eye on them. nI’ve been there a couple of times, and they tend to fly in and stay near the door. When I saw it I went back to my car to get my phone and thought, ‘wow the irony’. I’m surprised it’s had such an impact, but all the TikTokers comments have been funny.

Amazing thing to catch on camera.

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