21-Year-Old The Simpson Episode Predicted Kamala Harris’ Outfit And Becoming VP

The Simpsons have done it again!

A 21 year old episode of hit cartoon show The Simpsons predicted the outfit of Kamala Harris and her becoming the vice president of the USA.

Social media users pointed out that the outfit Lisa Simpson wore in an old episode is really identical with the one Kamal Harris wore during the inauguration of Joe Biden.

The 2000 episode, which is named “Bart to the Future”, shows Lisa as the president of the country, and in the episode, she is seen wearing a purple pant suit with a string of white pearls around her neck.

During the inauguration that happened earlier this week, VP Kamala Harris was seen wearing a purple coat and a dress along with a pearl necklace.

It was the same with what Lisa wore 21 years ago in the episode.

The Simpsons is a comedy cartoon show that has been running since the year 1990 and it has predicted a number of events.

Here are some of the predictions the Simpsons have made:

  • Correctly predicting Super Bowls (Season 3, Episode 14: “Lisa the Greek”)
  • Smart watches (Season 6, Episode 19: “Lisa’s Wedding”)
  • Autocorrect (Season 6, Episode 8: “Lisa on Ice”)
  • Stealing cooking grease for cash (Season 10, Episode 1: “Lard of the Dance”)
  • FIFA’s corruption scandal and World Cup results (Season 25, Episode 16: “You Don’t Have to Live Like a Referee”)
  • The Beatles sending belated fan mail (Season 2, Episode 18: “Brush with Greatness”)
  • Siegfried and Roy tiger attack (Season 5, Episode 10: “$pringfield”)
  • Video chats (Season 6, Episode 19: “Lisa’s Wedding”)
  • The U.S. wins gold in curling (Season 21, Episode 12: “Boy Meets Curl”)
  • An “Average Joe” goes into space (Season 5, Episode 15: “Deep Space Homer”)
  • Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance (Season 23, Episode 22: “Lisa Goes Gaga”)
  • Covering up Michelangelo’s “David” (Season 2, Episode 9: “Itchy & Scratchy & Marge”)
  • Faulty voter machines (Season 20, Episode 4: “Treehouse of Horror XIX”)

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