Cat that went missing 5 years ago is found 2 blocks away from owner’s house and is now blind

Lincolnshire, UK: A loyal cat has been reunited with its original owner after animal rescuers found the feline 2 blocks away from their original house 5 years after it went missing.

Neo, who is now 13 years old, went missing in 2015 and they never came back.

The poor cat failed to find their way back home after going blind in a nasty collision with a vehicle.

Becky Lea, who is from Lincoln, launched a search party for him for a couple of months until accepting that the cat would never come back.

5 years later, Lea received a call from Lincoln Cat Care Charity.

She was told that Neo had been discovered 2 streets away on St. Andrews Street.

Talking about the cat, Lea said:

He was such a loyal cat, he would never go off even if somebody tried to feed him his favourite food he would never had gone to anybody so I couldn’t get my head around what happened. He went out one night so I left the cat flap open for him to come back in and he never returned.

During their search, Lea said she used to get a number of calls from people who believed to have spotted the cat.

Lea moved away from Cross street and even brought the bowls of Neo with hopes that the cat would be found again one day.

Talking about the moment she got the call from the animal shelter, Lea said:

Straightaway I was like: ‘what is happening’ and when she said he had been found I just couldn’t stop crying.

Neo is now blind.

Penny Craig, a member of the Lincoln Cat Care Charity, released a statement about Neo and his health condition after they were rescued.

Craig said:

Unfortunately he had obviously had a knock from a vehicle which caught him on the head – we are presuming that knock has made him blind. His mouth was also injured as well so the vet has had to try and repair the sides of his mouth which were damaged.

After their visit to the vets, Neo was collected by their owner and was taken home.

Lea said:

As soon as we got home I took him upstairs to my bedroom, I am moving houses again in two months so I am now planning to make sure that home will be suitable for Neo to live in. It will take him time to readjust to his new home but he will be spoilt rotten for the rest of his life.

It’s amazing how Lea still loves Neo.

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