Pilot Halts Jet To Avoid A Baby Hedgehog Crossing The Runway

A pilot of a passenger jet was forced to stop the plane when the pilot saw a baby hedgehog crossing the runway as it was preparing to take-off.

The Loganair flight was preparing to take off on a runway in Stornoway, Lewis, when the baby hedgehog decided to cross the runway.

The captain of the passenger jet waited 2 minutes for the baby hedgehog to cross the runway.

The pilot of the Saab 340 plane stopped by 5:20 pm on Thursday.

There were thirty-passengers on board the Loganair flight, and all of them were alerted about the reason for their flight halting in the middle of the runway.

Neil Hughes, the director of flight operations of Loganair, said, “The captain safely avoided a prickly situation for the little hedgehog, following the procedure until the animal was off the tarmac.”

He added, “Our network extends into some of Scotland’s most remote communities so there are quite a few opportunities to see animals in the wild – and we’re always conscious to disturb them as little as possible.”

Roddy Macleod, a passenger of the Loganair flight, shared the incident on Twitter and said, “While departing Stornoway Airport yesterday evening the plane was heading to the runway when it came to a sudden stop. After a short time, the captain announced he has stopped to let a baby hedgehog cross over in front of him!”

He added, “A minute or 2 later I looked out my window to the left and here it was walking off the tarmac onto the grass. Nice touch from the captain!”

Pilots that take off from the Stornoway Airport usually scan the runway for wildlife before they take-off.

This is done frequently, as the Stornoway Airport has a rural location.

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