Poor Dog’s Eyes Popped And Went Blind After Getting Stressed By Fireworks

A heartbroken dog is now speaking out and is supporting a ban on fireworks after her dog was left blind after the dog’s eyes popped out due to the stress caused by the explosions,

When fireworks go off and create loud noise, animals become distressed and they usually end up having problems such as increased heart-rates, which ends up catastrophic for them.

85-year-old Margaret Adams, a dog owner, was relaxing with her lovely puppy at her house on bonfire night when someone outside her house started to fire off the rockets.

At this time of the year, fireworks are available to buy from supermarkets and it is easy for members of the public to buy them.

And usually, this time of the year is “hell” for pet owners.

Margaret said Suzy, her pet dog, was very stressed when fireworks started.

She added, “We were just sitting and watching television when somebody started letting off fireworks… [Suzy] tried to climb the walls and go into a dark corner.”

The 85-year-old couldn’t do anything but wait until the fireworks would end.

They did, but the next day, she noticed that Suzy’s eyes looked different.

The concerned pet owner took Suzy to the vet and found out that the dog had popped a lens in her eye due to the explosion of fireworks.

Suzy, a Labrador, had to have her lens removed, and after developing glaucoma, she was left behind.

That incident happened 4-years-ago, and it still haunts Margaret.

Margaret explained, “They had to remove the lens from her eye and she now has glaucoma in both of her eyes. She can’t see a thing. She does knock into things and I’ve got to be careful with her.”

The ordeal left Margaret heartbroken after Suzy became blind.

After her husband’s death, her daughter gave her Suzy as a gift.

Margaret said she still takes care of Suzy, and their relationship hasn’t changed.

Margaret explained, “She boosted me something terrible, she was my companion. She still is but in a different kind of way. I’m looking after her more than she’s looking after me now.”

Margaret is now calling for a ban on the sale of fireworks.

Margaret also pointed out that animals are not the only ones who are suffering from the firework explosion.

She said war veterans are also suffering when the bombs go off.

She continued, “I don’t want to deprive other people of what they enjoy doing. But I wish they would do it within a certain time so we can be prepared and the dogs don’t get a fright. Or anyone for that matter, it’s not just animals.”

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