Blind Golden Retriever Gets Seeing-Eye Puppy To Help Him Navigate The World

A blind golden retriever got a seeing-eye puppy so he could have someone help him navigate the world.

Last year, Tao went viral on the internet when it was announced that it was going to get a seeing-eye puppy instead of a person.

Tao was gifted a puppy that had helped him a lot in navigating the world for him.

Oko, the seeing eye puppy of Tao, is the amazing dog that is helping out a fellow dog, who does not have eyesight.

The Instagram of Tao currently features Oko and the 2 are regularly on walks together.

Melanie Jackson, the owner of Tao and Oko, called the duo amazing.

Tao had to get his 2 eyes removed separately due to glaucoma, and the 10-year-old dog made progress after surgery.

Tao’s eyesight was problematic when the owner started to realize that the poor dog was often in pain and had difficulties in navigating.

As a result, she took the dog to a vet, who then told her that he had glaucoma.

A decision was made to operate and remove the eyes of the dog.

But 11 months later, the second eye of Tao faced the same problems too, so it had to be removed by the vets.

Talking about the condition of Tao, Mel said:

Glaucoma is the build-up of fluid in the eye – it’s got nowhere to drain away. If you can imagine a migraine and times it by a hundred – that was the pain he was in. It began in February 2019 – we had a normal morning. Everything was absolutely fine. But you just know when the dog is not his normal self. By the night, he was in the most pain I have ever seen so we took him to the vets. He was scratching his face. I said: ‘You are going to think I’m mad – but Tao has lost his sight’. The pressure was so high in his eye. We didn’t have any other choice but to have the eye removed.

Mel currently wants to raise awareness of her dog’s condition so other pet dogs and pets could prevent from having to suffer the same thing

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