Khalsa Aid: Sikh Community Deliver 800 Vegetarian Meals To Lorry Drivers Stranded Due To Border Closure

When you see a guy wearing a turban and you need help, just approach them, they will do and it’s true.

Sikh groups have always done their part to help the needy and this year, they are doing the same thing again and again.

Hundreds of lorry drivers in Kent that are currently stranded due to the ongoing French border closure got help from the Sikh Community.

The closure of the French borders has resulted in lorries getting stacked on the M20 road and no eateries are present on the road.

But the Sikh community has done their part again.

The Sikh community in Kent delivered hundreds of cooked meals to stranded drivers.

Sikh sevadars (volunteer workers) from the Gravesend Gurdwara cooked around 800 meals in just 3 hours and distributed it to the hungry lorry drivers.

Volunteers that are working for Khalsa Aid, a humanitarian charity, cooked around 500 chickpea curries and 300 mushrooms in pasta dishes.

After the meals were cooked, volunteers collected the food and distributed it to the lorry drivers that are at Dover.

Jagdev Singh Virdee, the spokesman for the Guru Nanak Darbar, released a statement about the kind act.

They said:

They [Khalsa Aid] got in touch this morning at about 12 o’clock and by 2.30 pm they came to collect the food. We made some phone calls to get volunteers together because we are already doing Langar, where we deliver to vulnerable people.

Such an amazing act in rough times.

What are your thoughts about the amazing act by the Khalsa Aid and the Sikh community? Let us know what you think about their kind act by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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