California Prison Inmates Come Together To Help Pay Student’s $32,000 Tuition After Parents Became Disabled

Inmates of a prison in California came together in order to help in paying a student’s $32,000 tuition.

Sy Green and his family were in deep trouble after a pair of medical emergency, but the helping hand came from people that were not working outside, instead, they were in jail.

For nearly a decade, a group of inmates at Soledad State Prison in California have been participating in a book club that is known as “Exercises in Empathy”.

The club invites over high-school students from Palma School in order to discuss novels.

Palma school is located near Salinas.

Sy Green and his family were in a lot of trouble after some unfortunate things happened to them.

His father underwent a heart transplant and his mother lost her vision after they got hit by a softball.

After the 2 lost their jobs, it was hard for Palma to continue his schooling, considered that they had to pay $12,900 in tuition.

The inmates at the Soledad prison heard about the struggles of the young man, and they decided to help the kid out.

Frank Green, the father of the boy, said he broke down and started to cry because he knew where the money was coming from.

$24,000 came directly from inmates.

$8,000 were covered by locals who donated for the education of the young one.

Such an amazing thing to do in such times, right?

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