Same-Sex Penguin Couple Become Parents After They Hatch An Adopted Egg At Valencia Aquarium

A same-sex penguin couple has become parents after the egg that they adopted successfully hatched.

Electra and Viola, 2 female penguins, hatched another couple’s egg after adopting it.

The incident happened at the Oceanografic Aquarium in Valencia, Spain.

The 2 penguins are infertile together, so the staff of the aquarium placed the egg from another penguin in their nest after they appeared to be broody.

Same-sex couples are common in over 450 species in nature, but this is the first same-sex couple of the Oceanografic Aquarium.

In a blog post, the aquarium said:

Electra and Viola are female and have been able to adopt, hatch and raise an egg from another couple, something that’s happened for the first time at the Oceanogràfic.

The hatched egg is one of the 3 chicks that were born so far to the colony of 25 Gentoo Penguins.

The incubation period, which is normally carried out by a male and female, involves eggs that hatch at 38 days.

The chicks become independent when they reach 75 days or more.

Talking about same sex-species, the aquarium said:

The formation of same-sex pairs is common in more than 450 species of animals and occurs both in zoos and in nature. It’s the first time this has happened in our aquarium. So … Welcome to the world, little one!

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