South African Woman Strolling In Her Garden Finds Beautiful Bug That Looks Like A Flower

Margaret Neville, a woman from South Africa, was strolling through the garden on her farm when she found a beautiful bug that amazed her!

Neville said on the branch of a lavender bush, she was an insect that she had never seen before.

Neville said she was “amazed at first sight.”

The beautiful bug looked like a flower with amazing markings on it.

The wings of the insect were white and green, which had an elegant swirl. The body of the insect was full of tiny purple-like flower structures.

Miss Frilly Pants – The Flower Mantis

Miss Frilly Pants the Flower Mantis of Nkutu Valley, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa makes her first short film. Here you can see she is a natural born beauty with not a smudge of photoshop needed for her debut roll.

Posted by Waterfall Retreat & Environmental Centre on Thursday, 12 September 2019

Neville shared a picture of the insect with Kerri Martinaglia, her friend, who was shocked and impressed with what she saw.

Kerri said, “When I saw her, I thought she was an exquisite work of art.”

The insect Neville found is called as the “Flower Mantis”, which is mostly known for its flower type look.

A flower mantis is a type of praying mantis.

Neville decided to name the flower mantis as “Miss Frilly Pants.”

Neville placed Miss Frilly Pants back in the lavender bush to make sure she feels like she’s in her own home.

Neville said Miss Frilly spend the entire month of September living on her lavender and is still living there.

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