Zimbabwe Bans Coal Mining In All National Parks To Protect Wildlife And Avoid Destroying Natural Habitat

Zimbabwe has officially banned exploratory coal mining operations and small gold mining contracts in all national parks, which are 11, in order to protect wildlife and avoid destroying the natural habitat that they live in.

This is being considered as a huge win for wildlife in Zimbabwe.

This is a reverse from an earlier decision that was announced this year.

2 firms that belonged to the Chinese were allowed to drill and survey for coal in the world-renowned Hwange National park, which is home to over 40,000 elephants and a population of endangered Black Rhino.

Leopards and several rare painted dog programs are also carried out at the Hwange National Park.

The mining rights were granted in 2015, but in the span of 5 years, environmentalists did their best to stop it from happening.

Zimbabwean Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa announced earlier that they have taken steps to cancel all mining titles that are held in national parks.

Not only was coal mining banned, but gold mining was also banned in the latest move.

Zimbabwe and China currently have strong ties, and the decision that was taken recently is not going to cause deterioration in the relationships of the 2 governments.

It is believed that both countries understand the sensitivity of the mining operations.

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