Australian Family Finds 2 Massive Golden Nuggets Worth $350,000-$455,000

3 Australian men managed to find 2 massive golden nuggets that have an estimated worth of $350,000.

Bendigo prospectors Ethan West and Brenth Shannon, who are helped by Paul West, the father of Ethan, found the 2 golden nuggets.

According to official reports, the golden nuggets are worth around $350,000.

The 3 men used a digger to clear away the topsoil and then the aptly, which is named Poseidon Crew, used large metal detectors to see if there was any metal that could be worth a lot of money.

The big find was captured by Discovery’s Aussie Gold Hunters.

They were found near Tarnagulla.

Brent said:

We were in the grips of not being able to freely mine because we were unable to get the permits and licences through in the time frame. When you find large piece, you don’t automatically get excited. In the first instance of seeing a big lump of gold, it’s not instantly joyous, it’s more a sense of accomplishment and history. The monetary side comes in last.

Ethan said:

My reaction is bit different to Brent. He is like a child in candy shop. I see the prospect of making a lot of money. When you see the size of the nugget and start working out what it’s worth, that’s pure relief. I’m always excited to see it and hold it. That part is exciting – holding (a gold nugget) the size of a baseball is a surreal feeling.

The gold nuggets that they found are around 3.5 kilograms heavy, which means that the 3 men could get up to $350,000.

Not bad, not bad.

If the 3 men sell the gold nuggets to a collector, they could get up to 30 percent more.

Which means they could get up to $455,000 in total!

Ethan and Brent said they have been looking for something like this for years.

Over the last 4 years, they have found thousands of golds, but nothing at this caliber.

Amazing things to people that wait!


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