Argentinian Farmer Discovers 4 Ancient Armadillos The Size Of A Vehicle

A farmer in Argentina is currently making headlines all over the world after he managed to discover 4 ancient armadillo fossils that are the same size as a car.

According to reports, the prehistoric remains of the armadillos that were found are thought to be around 20,000 years old.

They were discovered at the bottom of a dried-out riverbed in Buenos Aires, in Argentina.

Initially, Juan de Dios Sota, the farmer, thought the remains were cow carcasses, but upon investigating more, he realized they were something else.

After the discovery was made, Pablo Messineo, an archeologist, and his team of scientists came to the site to see for themselves what the fossils were.

Messineo said, “We went there expecting to find two glyptodonts when the excavation started and then two more were found! It is the first time there have been four animals like this on the same site. Most of them were facing the same direction as they were walking towards something.”

Glyptodonts are an extinct subfamily of Large heavily armored relatives of the armadillo.

It is said they have first developed in South America around 20 million years ago.

Pablo said the fossils that they found were 2 adults and 2 younglings.

Pablo added that the mammals are capable of growing up to the size of a Volkswagen Beetle.

Researchers believe they can weigh anywhere from 1,000 kilograms.

The archeologist said they will be bringing expert diggers to remove the fossils.

The will be performing a number of tests to know the sex, age, and probable cause of death of the animals.

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