Terrified Teacher Spots Massive 13Ft Monster Python Curled Up Inside Truck

A terrified teacher, who was not named, spotted a massive 13ft python lurking under hear truck.

The first attempt of the teacher to ride the vehicle failed when she saw and realized that a python had climbed up inside the engine of her SUV.

The teacher, who is from Chonburi, Eastern Thailand, said she called for help after it was made sure that the python was not moving out.

Rescuers had to struggle over for 3 hours to remove the python from the engine.

Parts of the engine and bodywork had to be removed in order to remove the snake out of the engine.

During an interview with the reporters, the teacher, who wanted to keep her identity secret, said:

I am glad that we did not have to break down my car to save the snake. I am thankful for the rescuers. I am not sure my insurance company would pay the repair bill if they had taken apart the engine.

After the snake got rescue, officials placed it in a sack.

The python was then brought to a nearby forest, where it was released back into the wild.

Imagine trying to ride the car of your dreams just to find that a snake had been there and wants to take over.

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