Depressed Software Engineer And Mother Commit Suicide Together By Consuming Poison In Maharashtra     

During a press release, the police of Maharashtra revealed that a 72-year-old woman and her 42-year-old son committed suicide together inside their home in Thane, Maharashtra.

Preliminary investigations revealed that Meenakshi Iyer, the 72-year-old mother, and Venkateshwaran Iyer, the 42-year-old Software Engineer son, committed suicide due to depression.

Their dead bodies were found by the police after their neighbors registered a complaint about a foul smell coming out from their house in Mira Road, Thane.

When the police entered their home, authorities saw their dead decaying bodies inside the rooms of the flat.

The police also recovered a suicide note that was saved in the laptop of Venkateshwaran. The note said that he and his mom were committing suicide due to depression.

The police have launched an investigation for the case.

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