Man Invents Pills Makes Your Fart Smell Like Chocolate

A company in France is currently selling pills that make your or your pets farts smell like lily of the valley, ginger, violet, chocolate, and even roses.

I can gift this to a couple of people…

69-year-old Christian Poincheval, the inventor of the pills, said he got the idea when he was sitting with his friends after a copious meal when they nearly asphyxiated themselves.

He said the gas was not great for our table and the people that were sitting next to them.

Christian thought about the incident and said, “Something had to be done about this.”

In his own words, he said it is easy to disguise the sound of a fart but “not the stench.”

I’m not saying he’s wrong, all I’m saying is that I understand.

Christian said he started to sell the pills as a dietary supplement to the locals before he ended up expanding his business to a bigger level.

But the pills don’t work right away.

According to Christian, you have to take the pills 1 week before the stinky farts would smell like lily of the valley, ginger, violet, chocolate, and even roses.

Another good thing about the pills is that the makers also sell a powder form, which is for pet dogs.

Pet owners can sprinkle the powder on the food of their pets and would start to see the effect similar to the humans.

The tablets are made out of natural ingredients and are sold by PilulePet, a French Company, for $36 for a pack of 60.

While selling the product on their official website, the company states, “If you are tired of rolling down the car windows then this is for you! Capsules are packaged discreetly to avoid any embarrassment.”

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