Rahul Gandhi to continue as Congress President even after being defeated in 2019 elections          

Rahul Gandhi took the burden upon him and accepted defeat in the 2019 general elections in India, the president of the Congress party even offered to resign from the party yesterday.

P Chidambaram was emotional when Rahul Gandhi said he was going to step down from being the president of the Congress party, Chidambaram said that their party cadres in the southern states of India are going to commit suicide if he does step down.

A K Antony, Ahmed Patel, and P Chidambaram comforted him.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was also there, she said that if Rahul resigns from the post, he would be falling in the trap that is laid by the BJP.

The CWC (Congress Working Committee) rejected the resignation offer by Rahul Gandhi, the Committee said that he has done a great job for the party and there is no reason why he should be feeling low.

When one committee person asked Rahul who could lead the party better than him, Rahul replied with “why only us?”

This reply was based on the reference to their Gandhi Family, he added that anyone can become the president of the Congress party.

The CMC and other party leaders of the Congress party confirmed that the resignation offer of Rahul Gandhi has been rejected.

This means that Rahul Gandhi is still the president of the Congress party.

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