Scary Footage Shows Students Running For Their Lives As Massive Storm Rips School Apart

Horrible and scary video shows a group of students running for their lives as a massive storm crashed through the walls of their gymnasium.

3 young students were rushed to a hospital after the storm ripped the school apart.

The incident happened at the Union Intermediate Elementary School in North Carolina on January 13, 2020.

A distressing clop shows a teacher and a handful of children fleeing for the exits as the walls are torn to pieces by the sheer force of the wind and rain.

Wendy Cabral, the spokesperson of the Sampson County School, released a statement about the incident.

Wendy said, “The students were doing their gym activities and all of a sudden it’s just debris starts flowing in and you see the sky.”

Wendy added, “What a blessing it is that only three students were injured and those three students are going to be OK. We can fix this building, but students are our priority and we’re very blessed that they’re OK.”

Dondi Hobbs, the principal of the Union Intermediate Elementary School in North Carolina, said the curtains on the stage reduced the impact from the debris into the air by the storm.

Principal Hobbs said, “I am appreciative of God’s blessings. He takes care of us and directs us all the time.”

The principal of the school assured the parents that the kids were safe.

Principal Hobbs added, “We’re dealing with minimal damage, as opposed to some of the things that could have happened.”

After the storm passed the school, 3 fifth-graders were rushed to a hospital for treatment.

The extents of their injuries were not shared with the public, but the minors have been discharged from the hospital.

According to reports, a severe thunderstorm warning was issued in Sampson County between from 2:12 pm to 3 pm on Monday.

After the thunderstorm passed, classes were canceled at the Union Intermediate Elementary School in North Carolina.

Wendy Cabral, the spokesperson of the Sampson County School, said, “There’s a lot of debris and glass in that class in that gym, at this time.”

The school will reopen later this week.

The staff of the school will be offering special counselors to students so the kids can process what happened during the storm.

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