22-Year-Old Russian Woman Raped Man With Handle Of A Shovel And Battered 2 Men To Death

A 22-year-old woman from Russia has been convicted of beating 2 men to death and raping one of her victims with the handle of a shovel.

The incident reportedly happened in the Omsk region of Russia.

Elena Povelyaikina has been convicted of beating 2 men to death and raping one of them.

She was handed a 13-year sentence for the crimes that she committed.

Elena Povelyaikina reportedly attacked a 37-year-old drunk man that refused to leave the family house in the village of Mikhailovka.

A statement that was released by the Russian Investigative Committee, where they said:

At first, the girl brutally beat the man, and then she took a handle from a shovel and committed violent acts of a sexual nature against him.

When the man died, the woman carried the body over the fence and threw it on the street.

The months after that incident, she was drinking with locals and a man named Evgeny Grebenko, 31, made comments about her father, Pyotr Povelkyaiklin.

Her father, a wealthy farmer, was there during the second incident when Elena beat the man to death.

The man sustained injuries on his body and died the next day.

After killing the second victim, Elena Povelyaikina confessed both murders.

Komsomolskaya Pravda a local, said:

Although small in stature, she’s strong. She was into boxing.

A witness of the second murder said:

When she was beating Ivan, my sister and I begged her not to touch him. But we were afraid to intervene, because she is very strong. He lay in the house for another day. We did not call an ambulance, we thought he would recover by himself. But the next morning he stopped breathing.

Ivan Lyubyi, a state investigator, said:

The defendant first confessed to both killings, then refused to testify. She put forward several versions – that the first man died after he was hit by a car on the road, and the second from kidney failure, which he allegedly had. But forensic analysis refuted these versions.

Elena Povelyaikina was convicted of “intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm, resulting in death” and “violence of a sexual nature”.

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