Baby Dies After 22-Yr-Old Dad Threw Him From Bridge Into River Before Going To A Pub In Greater Manchester

A 22-year-old father has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his 12-mont-old son.

It is said a number of people saw the man throwing off a 12-month-old boy placed in a Moses basket being thrown off a bridge.

The 1-year-old boy was found dead in River Irwell, which is located in Redcliffe, Greater Manchester.

The infant was rushed to a hospital but was confirmed dead by the Greater Manchester Police.

The police arrested the father of the infant, who was sitting in a pub near the crime scene.

The Greater Manchester Police arrested the 22-year-old father on suspicion of murder and added that the police have launched an investigation.

Witnesses saw the man throwing the baby, placed in a Moses basket, into the river.

The man then went to the pub after the incident and asked for a drink.

A barmaid working at the Lock Keeper Pub said, “He came in and asked for a drink but said he had no money. She said it was totally fine because people do that then loads of people came in screaming that there’s a baby in the river. He sat there and stared, he didn’t move so the police were phoned and he just told a customer that he’d thrown his baby in the river.”

Jamie Daniels, the Detective Superintendent of the Greater Manchester Police, released a statement about the tragic incident.

Detective Daniels said, “This is an incredibly tragic incident that has led to an innocent baby boy losing his life and we are doing everything we can to support his family at this unimaginably devastating time. I know his loss will be felt by the entire community and our thoughts are very much with his loved ones this evening.”

The statement added, “A murder investigation is underway and we are working hard to piece together the circumstances that led to the baby boy ending up in the water.”

The police are trying to find out why the man did the horrific thing.

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