Costa Rica Becomes First Country In Central America To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

A lesbian couple in Costa Rica has celebrated their wedding as their country has officially become same-sex marriage in Central America.

The law has come into place after the Supreme Court of Costa Rica declared in August 2018 that a ban on same-sex weddings was discriminatory and unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court of Costa Rica gave the parliament 18 months to change the law.

On May 26, 2020, same-sex couples can officially marry each other legally.

The law previously stated that marriage between people that have the same sex, which means men to men and women to women, could not marry each other.

Carlos Alvarado, the president of Costa Rica, supported same-sex marriage during his candidacy.

Not only that, but President Alvarado was present during the 2019 pride parade.

After the new law was brought, Alvarado said that gay people and lesbians in the country can now enjoy the right that they have always deserved.

In a statement that he released, President Alvarado said that the new law will bring a significant and cultural social transformation.

He added:

It allows thousands of people to marry in front of a lawyer to recognise a couple’s rights such as inheritances, pensions, medical decisions and among others. The people who will be able to access this right are not strangers. They are sons, daughters, friends, family, colleagues and coworkers. They are people who, when they decide to get married, will do so for love, stability and because they have a vision for the future. They have the same motivations that anyone could have. They do not seek to disrespect, nor attack any personal belief. They search only for the understanding and dignity that everyone deserves, no matter who they are or who they love.

He also acknowledged that not everyone may be happy with the change in ruling.

He added:

To the LGBTQ community, whose rights will be recognised, I reiterate my ongoing compromise. Over decades you were offended, humiliated, persecuted, but you never gave up the fight. You persisted with pride and determination. You did so with the three unstoppable forces that should guide the 21st century: Liberty, equality, and democratic institutions. Thanks to your work over decades, Costa Rica recognises the rights you always deserved and returns a little of the liberty that so often was limited. You, your partners, your families, your children will have the same rights as any other person, couple or family in this country.

24-year-old Daritza Arya Arguedas and 29-year-old Alexandra Quiros Castillo became the first same-sex couple to get married under the new law.

The marriage happened after midnight, which marked the grand finale of a 3-hour program that was carried out for celebrating the new law.

The Supreme Elections Tribunals said that they will be starting the process and registration of marriage applications that they have received from couples of the same sex.

It was a good day for people seeking global justice and freedom.

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