Lancaster City Is Considering To Place A Ban On Feeding Homeless People On Public Streets, Sidewalks, And Parking Lots

Lancaster, a city in California, is considering to place a ban on feeding homeless people on public streets, sidewalks, and parking lots.

If passed, the new law will limit the places where the homeless can get food.

Supporters of the new plan suggest the law will cut down trash on public nuisance, but locals have something different to say.

Critics of the plan say the law will make it harder for people to deed the homeless people.

Rex Parris, the Mayor of Lancaster, and homeless advocates faced off in a meeting that was held on the evening of Tuesday this week.

Mayor Rex Parris said, “A lot of people would come to eat, the people feeding them would leave and the mess would be left behind.”

Mayor Parris added, “We’re talking about people defecating in the entryways of the business. It became a public health problem.”

If the law gets passed, handing out food to the homeless people in Lancaster will be considered as a crime and the people who get caught doing it will be fined.

An advocate for the homeless said, “Don’t penalize my people for going to feed people because we don’t follow your organization or rules.”

The new measure can possibly decrease the number of volunteers who have helped in giving food to homeless people in recent years.

Michael Ouimet, a Navy Veteran who has been homeless for 11 years, opposes the measure.

Michael said it is already too difficult for him to find meals.

He added, “You never really know where you’re gonna get your next meal from.”

Mayor Parris said the city is trying to come up with ways that will help the homeless people.

The Lancaster City Council was expected to pass the new law on the evening of Tuesday, but the vote was stopped after residents of the city raised their concerns during the City Council session.

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