“Head Bashed With A Brick”: 14-Year-Old South African Girl Raped And Murdered At Her Grandmother’s House

South Africa: A 14-year-old teen was raped and murdered at her grandmother’s house in the latest rape crime that has shocked the country.

Janika Mallo, the 14-year-old girl, was found dead with her head bashed with a brick and her brain “leaking”.

The family members found her with her clothes pulled down and signs that she was sexually assaulted.

The police have opened a murder case investigation.

14-year-old Janika was found dead in Heinz Park, which is located near Cape Town.

The mother of Janika told local news agencies that her last convo with her daughter was an argument, in which she didn’t allow her to go to a soccer club event.

The mother said, “I smacked her in her face and told her she cannot go to the soccer club’s event in Portland, and that was the last I saw her alive. The last thing I gave my child was a smack across her face. She was on her way home as far as I know when last I heard from her and her friends.”

The father of Janika told local news agencies that the face of his daughter was completely beaten up.

Her dead body was found on Sunday morning.

It is still not clear why the girl was at her grandmother’s house.

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