Tehran World Cup Qualifier: Iranian Women Attend First Iran Football Match In Decades

World Cup Qualifier: For the first time in decades, women from Iran got to enter a stadium to watch a men’s match.

After the 1979 Islamic revolution, women from Iran were banned from entering stadiums where men would play.

After the ban got imposed, a fan set herself on fire after being arrested for trying to attend a football match where men were playing.

After the ban lift, the Amnesty International described the move on Thursday as a “cynical publicity stunt.”

According to reports, there were only a number of tickets that were sold for women.

Over 3500 women bought the tickets to the world cup qualifier against Cambodia. The game was played at the Azadi Stadium.

The capacity of the Azadi Stadium is around 78,000.

The “limited” tickets got sold out minutes within the arrest.

Pictures from the stadium showed female fans waving the flag of Iran and were seen cheering their team.

Iran won the match 14-0.

In 2018, Iranian women were previously allowed to enter the Azadi Stadium so they could watch a screening of the Iran team playing against Spain in the 2018 World Cup.

But earlier this week, it was the first time since 1979 that they were allowed to watch a game.

Last month, Sahar Khodayari, who is also known as the “Blue Girl” set herself outside a court while waiting for a trial to attend a man when she was disguised as a man.

Fifa responded by placing pressure to meet its commitments to allow women to attend the upcoming world cup qualifiers.

Joyce Cook, the head of education and social responsibility of Fifa, said, “It’s not just about one match. We’re not going to turn our eyes away from this. We are firm and committed that all fans have an equal right, including women, to attend matches.”

Iran is not the first country in the Middle-East to allow women to attend a football match.

Last year, Saudi Arabia allowed women for the first time to attend a football match as part of the easing of strict rules on gender separation.

A huge win for the women in Iran!

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