Thug Knocks 48-Year-Old Woman Unconscious And Broke Her Jaw As He Stole Her Kebab

The police are currently hunting for the thug who knocked a 48-year-old woman unconscious and broke her jaw as he stole her kebab while leaving her phone and purse behind.

Nikita Jackson, the 48-year-old woman, bought a kebab and was walking home by 3 AM on August 17, 2019, when a thug punched her in her face and stole her food.

The punch was so devastating it broke the jaw of the 48-year-old woman.

After the attack, Nikita was rushed to a hospital where she underwent surgery for 7 straight hours.

She was admitted to a hospital for several days.

During an interview, Nikita said, “I suffer quite badly with panic attacks anyway but this has taken me to another level. I don’t feel like it was targeted at me but I still don’t feel safe. I haven’t got an inkling of who it could be.”

Nikita was out with her friends when the incident happened.

Nikita continued, “I got myself something to eat when this man came from nowhere. He leant back and then he just punched me full-blown in the face. It knocked me out before I even hit the floor. Before I knew it I was covered in blood. He broke my jaw. It knocked four teeth out – one of them went into my cheek. I’ve had to have three metal plates in my jaw.”

When Nikita gained conscious, she said the only thing that was missing from her was her Kebab.

She got punched so hard that she couldn’t remember what the man looked like. But the police think they could have been thugs.

Nikita said, “I don’t know if he’s white or Asian or whatever.”

Students saw Nikita lying on the ground, and they gave as many details they could to the investigating officers.

The spokesperson of the Derbyshire Police confirmed that locals reported the incident to the patrolling officers.

Nikita said the police officers provided first aid at the scene.

Nikita is currently unemployed due to ill health.

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