As Per Scientist, Aliens May Have Lived on Moon

Theories of aliens have always been in thoughts of many people. Many believe that we are not alone in the universe. And there are aliens.



What do scientists say on the subject?

Scientist says that extraterrestrial life. Could very well be right and might have made it’s way to our nearest neighbor. The Moon. Which could have been after a retro blast. Suggested scientists. Also, during that period, the atmosphere would have been much better.  The atmosphere may have been habitable. Which could easily support life?

What do the researchers suggest?

The researcher suggests that this could have happened a billion years ago. When the moon might have been a habitable condition. The condition might have arrived during the time period when volcanic activity. Was on its peak. Which was nearly 3.5 billion years ago?

At that time, many hot gases were erupting from the moon. Which included water vapor. Which slowly must have formed liquid water on the surface. Moreover, also had created an atmosphere that could support it. Which is essential for sustaining life form anywhere, life couldn’t be possible without it.



What does the scientist say?

Scientist says that if liquid water and the proper atmosphere was present. At an early stage of the moon. Then it is entirely possible that the moon was at least transiently habitable. Apart from this, the moon is said to be wrapped in a magnetic field. Which had protected it from the deadly solar wind? The evidence of life on Earth was in the form of cyanobacteria. Which comes from about 3.5 to 3.8 billion years ago. Now, during this period the solar system was very violent. Many metro impacts and very frequently.

Researcher says that it is very much possible that some life form. Could have been carried up to the moon. From such material blasts.



Taking in all these data, the researchers came to a conclusion. That the situation was entirely in favor of the life. Also, it is entirely possible that life was present at that time period of time. The researcher hopes that this knowledge would encourage space agencies to carry out more aggressive programs. That would help in finding more evidence of life on Moon.

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