World’s First Artificial Meteor Shower, Developed by A Japanese Company

The meteor shower, if anyone has seen it would agree that it looks absolutely beautiful. Small balls of glowing bright orbs. Rushing towards the Earth surface, while getting brighter and brighter. Well as the name suggests, it happens when meteors get inside earth atmosphere. Also, start to get pulled towards earth due to gravity. So their speed generates enough energy that sets them on fire. Well, a company in Japan has developed the world’s first artificial meteor shower.



Details about the company.

ALE is a Tokyo based company. Which is currently at its last stage of developing an artificial meteor shower. They are calling it ‘shooting stars on demand.’ Which they would showcase in early 2020’s over Hiroshima.

How does this meteor shower would work?

The company is currently developing two micro-satellites. Which would contain some tiny balls? Upon demand, the satellite would release the balls. Which would glow brightly as they enter the Earth’s atmosphere. Which would simulate the process of an actual meteor shower? The first satellite among the two would be sent up in space by Japan’s space agency on a rocket. And it’s said to be sent in the area by March 2019. While the second would be sent somewhere in mid-2019. Though the final dates for the second satellite have not been announced yet.



What do the experts say?

ALE chief executive Lena Okajima said, “We are targeting the whole world, as our stockpile of shooting stars will be in space and can be delivered across the world.”

Apparently, both the satellite would be capable of carrying up to 400 tiny balls. Which according to the company is enough for up to 20-30 events. And these two satellites would be able to stay in space for up to two years.

Apart from this, the company has plans for the satellite that is in space but are of no use anymore. They would try to use them to create a massive shooting star. The satellite would start orbiting Earth by February 2020.



Moreover, would present the world’s first artificial shooting stars in spring 2020. Which would take place over the western Japan city of Hiroshima?

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