Removed Her Teeth And Hands: MMA Fighter Kidnapped Mom Of His Child From Homeless Shelter And Killed Her

A former MMA fighter reportedly kidnapped and murdered the mother of his child after she went missing from a homeless shelter.

45-year-old Cedric Marks abducted April Pease from a homeless shelter in Minnesota and killed her in 2009.

At the time of the crime, the 2 were locked in a custody dispute.

The child of the 2 was left unharmed at the homeless shelter.

Pease and her child were originally in Washington, but they had to go to Minnesota so they can escape Marks, who had been abusing her physically.

34-year-old Kellee Sorenson, a woman, was charged in connection with the case.

Sorenson told the police that the former MMA fighter murdered April Pease at an unknown location.

Marks killed Pease as Sorenson waited for him inside the car.

Marks admitted to Sorenson that he removed the hands and teeth of Pease so she could not be identified by the officers.

11 years after her death, the body of Pease has still not been discovered by the police.

Investigating officers believe that her body was disposed of somewhere in South and North Dakota.

Marks, the former MMA fighter, who went with the stage name Spider-Man, is charged with second-degree murder in Hennepin County, Minnesota.

The mixed martial arts fighter is also suspected in the January 2019 deaths of 2 people.

He is accused of killing 28-year-old Jenna Scott, his ex-girlfriend, and 32-year-old Michael Swearingin, the friend of Scott.

Marks buried their bodies in shallow graves in Oklahoma.

The wife of Mark, Ginell McDonough, was charged with harboring him at a home in Michigan for several days after the brutal killings.

Maya Maxwell, another woman, is also charged in connection with the deaths of Scott and Swearingin.

As of writing this article, prosecutors in Texas are seeking the death penalty.

In February 2019, Marks sparked a manhunt after he managed to escape a private prison van, which was transporting him from Minnesota to Texas.

He managed to get out of the vehicle after it made a short stop at a Texas McDonald’s.

Marks was on the run for 9 straight hours before he was found hiding inside a trash can, located in a residential property.

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