Couple Who Met While Working At Grocery Store Retire Together After Working There For 50 Years

A couple who met at an Indiana grocery store 50 years ago and worked there ever since are set to retire together.

The 2 provided a combined 100 years of service.

Becky and Ed Osowski were just teenagers when they started to work at the Martin’s Super Markets in Mishawaka in 1970 and 1969 respectively and 50 years after, the couple is ending their chapter.

Becky will be retiring this week and Ed will be doing the same thing in the upcoming months, said reports.

By the time the couple retires, the pair will have worked for a combined 100 years of services of Martin’s said the report.

Talking about the retirement, Ed said;

Five years ago, we didn’t even think about it but once it got close, then all [of a] sudden it became, ‘You know what? That’d be kind of neat’. Does it really mean anything other than us? Probably not, but to us, it’s like an accomplishment.

Thinking back to her early beginnings at Martin’s, Becky, who is now 66 years old, said that she was hired as a cashier when she was 16 and said that things were very different during their time.

Recalling on her working days in the past, she said:

So the first cash register had a crank on the side or a little hole on the side that you flipped open, you put the crank in it and no power, no problem.

Becky met Ed, a co-worker back them, in the grocery store aisle.

The 2 ended up getting married by 1975, said People.

Becky has only worked at the Mishawaka Grocery Store in the last 50 years.

Let’s talk about loyalty!

When asked why she explained:

I thought about going somewhere else but talked to other people and they weren’t real happy at different jobs and it’s like ah, they made it worth my while to stay.

Ed works as the director of product at the headquarters of the company.

The role that he has allows him to travel all around the world.

Ed says he wants to travel the world once he and his wife are both officially retired.

When asked where he had gone to for work, Ed said that he had been to Honduras, a number of countries in America, Holland, and even Spain.

The best thing about this is that Becky and Ed are not the only ones in their family that have worked in Martin’s.

One of their 3 children and 2 of their 5 grandchildren have worked at the grocery store.

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