Single Gay Man Adopts Girl With Down’s Syndrome After She Got Rejected By 20 Potential Families

A single gay man is winning the hearts of people after he adopted a girl with Down’s Syndrome when she got rejected by 20 potential families.

43-year-old Luca Trapanese, a man from Naples, Italy, adopted little Alba when she was just 30 days old.

As of writing this article, Alba is 3 years old and is part of a family where she doesn’t feel like she is adopted.

Alba was reportedly rejected by over 20 potential traditional families after she was given up by her mother.

Luca, who is the president and founder of the “A Ruota Libera Onlus”, which offers disabled people, knew that he had to adopt Alba.

Luca reportedly made a request to the Juvenile Court of Naples even before Alba was born.

He was hoping to adopt a disabled child, without placing any limits.

Explaining his class act, Luca said, “I grew up in disability and gained the awareness that I could fulfill my desire for fatherhood with a disabled child.”

He added, “For me, disability is not a defeat, it is not a shame but a different way of seeing life. Alba is perfect for me as she is and I don’t want to ‘heal’ her. I believe that we must go beyond disability and see the person. Every disabled person is a person and must be integrated and considered in our society like the others.”

After making the request in the Juvenile Court of Naples, Luca had to wait for a couple of months after getting a call about Alba.

Alba was left in the hospital by her mother after the birth and was unable to find a traditional couple because she had the “down’s syndrome”.

As a single gay man, Luca took her right away without thinking twice.

Luca has spent years taking care of the adorable little kid, and says she is a true force of nature who is “very cheerful, exuberant, tenacious and also very stubborn.”

Luca says he and Alba are like all families.

Luca claims he nursed Alba like a mother and did his best to take care of her in the best way possible.

He added, “I am her father and family. For me she is my daughter, I almost forget I adopted her.”

Luca says 3-year-old Alba is a happy young girl who wakes up with a smile, hugs him frequently, and loves music and dancing.

He says that that the adorable little girl is very independent who loves being outdoors and plays a lot with Giorgio, their pet cat.

Talking about Alba, Luca said, “She has a lot of faith in her father and is always looking for me.”

Luca says adopting Alba has changed the life of him and his entire family.

He says his entire family loves and cherishes her, especially her grandparents who are known to spoil her with love.

Such an amazing story amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

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