This Plumber Has Helped Over 10,000 Vulnerable Families In Fixing Their Heating And Plumbing Problems For Free

Not all heroes wear capes, some are plumbers and they are awesome!

A 53-year-old Plumber from England has spent over £57,000 during this coronavirus pandemic.

Their kind act during this pandemic has successfully helped over 10,000 vulnerable families in fixing their heating and plumbing problems without taking any charges.

James Anderson, the man, the hero, was left in shock after he got to know that elderly people and the disabled were being scammed by rogue traders for thousands of pounds.

Since launching his non-profit community company in Depher in the year 2017, he works around 70 hours per week for over 3 years.

James relies on his full-time job as a plumber and he runs his charitable work thanks to the donations that he gets.

The devoted man has a goal, and that is to help disabled and elderly people with their plumbing and heating no matter what happens.

That’s not even the best thing about this man.

The man has done his part during this coronavirus pandemic.

James successfully provided food, PPE, and even paid the bills of over 10,000 families.

Talking about his kind acts, James, who is from Burnley, Lanc., said:

When I first realised that these vulnerable people were being taken advantage of it broke me. I couldn’t believe it and I made it my life mission to make sure I could help as many people as I could, whatever the cost. If you’ve got disabilities, issues, sometimes these things can become too difficult to overcome and we want to make sure they’re taken care of. The reality they are living in is not what people see, it’s horrible. And seeing it first hand really changed my life. We’ve all got a social responsibility to each other – we need to be there for each other. It’s going to be so cold these months and people will need heating.

How It All Started

In the year 2017, the man was called to a home for a second opinion, where he got to know that a heating company tried to con an elderly and disabled man out of £5,500.

After this, the man, did his part and decided to open something that would help the elderly people or the ones that are in need of their services during some rough days of their lives no matter how bad it is.

What Depher Does?

Depher, whih stands for Disabled and Elderly Plumbing and Heating Emergency Response, is dedicated to offer their services for free to families that need it, particluarly the disabled and the elderly.

The company has helped pay off bailiff fees, bills, redecorations and even brought a birthday cake for a seven-year-old girl.

This Year

Despite having a rough year, the man did his part.

James said:

Since the beginning of the pandemic, about £57,000 was spent on all sorts. We started off just doing plumbing and heating, but we saw so many people struggling it felt like it was wrong to stop there. Anything we can do, we will try to do. We spent about £16,000 PPE for care homes and nursing homes, and members of the ambulance service. It’s worth every penny because it’s kept people alive – you can’t put a price on that.

Plans For The Future

James is currently working with plumbers in Lancashire, Manchester, Leeds, Scotland, and Nottingham.

The kind man said that he wants to offer free services to the disabled and the elderly in the entire United Kingdom.

The man said that he will not stop in the future unless the man up above tells him that he is done.

He added:

It’s been a lot of sweat and pain but we’re carrying on until the good man upstairs tells me I’m done. I work seven days a week, 70 hours a week. I haven’t taken a single day off, I’ll have enough rest when I’m dead. I still work normal hours and any money I make goes into the fund and we also have a gofundme – it keeps us afloat. Doing all of this has made me realise the reality of our communities, the amount of people who are struggling. And you can’t just sit by and do nothing.

Such an amazing thing to do in such horrible times.

You, sir James, are a hero and you deserve all the happiness in the world, along with everyone that is helping you do such acts.

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