Heroic pregnant mother throws herself on top of son after gunman open fires

A video that is viral on social media right now shows the moment a gunman open fired at a hamburger joint in Brazil, which lead a pregnant woman to dive on top of her 4-year-old son in order to protect them from harm.

The incident happened in the Federal District town of Recanto das Emas, Brazil.

On Sunday evening, Rafaela Dantas was having a meal with her husband and friends after attending a local church service.

Dantas is 6 months pregnant and initially she thought that there was nothing wrong as they were eating, however a fight in the back caused an escalation at the scene.

One of the 2 suspects had a disagreement with one of the customers and they ended up firing at the scene, which forced the mother to jump in front of her son to make sure he would be safe.

The 2 suspects were at the scene to rob the eatery, but things got heated when a male customer rushed and tried to tackle the shooter to the ground.

The gunman shot in his direction and missed.

Dantas was seen in the video lowering to her son and protecting him with a hug despite her being pregnant.

Talking about the incident, Dantas said she was really afraid.

She added:

It was a moment of terror. It is something we never expect to happen. In the hour of despair there, the first reaction we have is quite impulsive.

None of the customers were injured during the robbery.

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