UK EuroMillions Winner Blew £40m Of Jackpot Before His Death At Rate Of £100k Per Week

The second biggest EuroMillions winner from the United Kingdom blew his £40million at a rate of £100,000 before passing away.

The news was revealed after a document about the winning was released to the public.

Colin Weir and Christine, a former couple, won £161million in EuroMillions jackpot in 2011.

At the time, it was the largest win ever, but last year, an unnamed player in Italy landed £193million.

In December of last year, the man passed away at the age of 71 and his share of the windfall had shrunk by £40million.

Colin is a former cameraman at STV.

The man used his money to buy expensive cars and invest in Patrick Thistle, his favorite football club.

Not only that, but it was revealed that he used his fortune with Friends and Charitable trusts.

He also gave away some of the money to his 2 kids, 32-year-old Carly and 30-year-old Jamie.

Weeks after passing away, Colin threw his friends and family a trip on a luxury £1million event at the Trump Turnbery.

Colin passed away from sepsis, which was caused by an acute kidney injury.

The will of Colin shows that he owned furniture, jewelry and artworks valued at about £212,000.

When it comes to his vehicle collection, Colin owns a vintage Bentley Arnage, worth £10,000, a £28,250 three-year-old Jaguar F-Pace SUV, a £24,000 four-year-old Mercedes Benz E Class Estate and a 2019 Mercedes Benz V Class people carrier, valued at about £35,000.

1 month before he passed away, the man bought 55 percent stake of the team that he loved, he did it so he could donate the club to the fans and put its future in the hands of the local community.

Colin and Christine divorced after staying together for the last 38 years.

When he passed away, the man was living in a £1.1million five-bedroom seafront home in Ayr.

It is believed that he bought the house in June 2018 after his marriage split.

Rest in peace Colin.

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