Woman Ends Up Walking In The Streets Butt Naked After Shameful Spa Experience

Anbara Salam decided that it was time for a break, so she went to a spa with her boyfriend, but little did she know that she was about to have the most embarrassing time of her life.

Salam went to a spa in Germany with her boyfriend, where you could wear clothes in the pool, but in the sauna, you had to be butt naked.

So like what we all would do, Salam went to get undressed and went to grab a towel so she could meet her boyfriend in the sauna.

But things took a huge turn.

Instead of going to the sauna room, Salam ended up going through the wrong door, where she got licked in the fire escape area.

She was alone in the fire escape area with just a tiny towel.

Talking about the incident, Salam said, “Fully crying, I run downstairs, trying to work out which part of me I should cover with the lil towel – my face? A single buttock?”

Salam went on to run and reach the ground floor, where she found an open door into a machine room that had massive fans, pumps, and electrocution symbols on everything.

Recalling about the moment, she said, “Friends, there’s nothing quite like running, naked & crying, around an industrial machine room. I spot a service lift. Out of sheer panic, I run into the lift, covering each boob in turn, mashing the buttons.”

Moments after, Salam got to see a lift, but the problem was that there was a camera in it.

Salam said she was torn between “torn between ‘I don’t want anyone to see this’ and ‘I rlly rlly want someone to see this & rescue me’”.

She started to smash buttons, hoping that it would take her somewhere.

But instead, a German man started to speak on the loudspeaker, sand said, “the naked girl in the fire escape lift please stop mashing the buttons’”.

The lift doors then opened, and this is when a spa employee was there ready for her but had no towel in his hands.

Salam then started to follow him through the fire escape passage, only to realize that the only way to get back inside the spa and the sauna was to leave the building, walk down the entire street, around the corner, and through the reception, where a lot of people were waiting to get inside.

Because her clothes were all inside, Salam had to get through all this.

Salam said, “I now have an out of body experience. A shame black out. I have reached my max. I go fully through embarrassment and out the other side. Time slows down. I can hear the music of the spheres.”

With nothing to lose, except her dignity, the woman drops the washed cloth, puts her shoulders back, her head high, and follows the man down the street.

She did this while ignoring all the people that were looking at her.

When she got to the reception of the spa, it was so busy that the employee had to yell at everyone so she could get through.

As she waited at the reception desk, an elderly lady came and handed her a lobster-shaped pool float so she could cover her modesty.

Recalling the moment, she said, “The receptionist asks me for ID. I am wearing only a lobster. Where, friends, where would I be keeping my fucking ID?  Receptionist sighs & lets me through the turnstile.”

When she got inside, Salam found her boyfriend in the café and was relieved to see him.

Instead of asking if she was okay, the boyfriend of Salam said he got grumpy because he was there waiting for 1 hour.

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