Pastor Uses Water Gun To Baptize Baby During Coronavirus Pandemic

Most of the social events are being postponed and canceled, however, one couple in Minnesota, USA, decided to continue the baptism of their child in the most hilarious way.

An image that shows Mary Nielson and Kyle Nielson holding up Wesley James, their son, on March 29, 2020, which was his baptism day, is viral on social media.

The family scheduled the baptism of James at the end of March, so all their friends and family could attend it.

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, churches were shutting down and they did not want to postpone the special day.

So they had this hilarious idea.

The couple and their pastor came up with an at-home baptism.

Mary Nielsen explained their actions by saying:

When I had called my parents – er, my family – and told them they weren’t going to be around … my brother had made the comment – with social distancing – the six feet – was the pastor going to use a water hose? If anything we’re gonna use squirt guns. He’s like, ‘I want a picture of that’. So when baptism day came, we did the real thing first of course, and then afterwards we made sure to do the picture of the pastor holding a water gun and my husband just held Wesley out there and made sure we got a good photo op of that. Just to get some laughs and smiles to the family that couldn’t be there.

The best part about this is that their picture went viral on social media, and when news agencies asked the couple if they were going to tell the kid that he went viral on social media, the couple said that they will.

Nielsen said:

Oh yes, you got quite famous when you were only 2 months old, y’know. Nope, it’s gonna be an awesome memory to have. Definitely.

Good things are still happening during this pandemic.

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